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Redmine supybot plugin

02/10/2012 à 17:45:39 - Aucun commentaire

This Supybot/Limnoria plugin allows to display informations about Redmine issues and direct links to them.

How to install:

The informations are fetched from Redmine through it's Rest API, so you will need to install Restkit (package python-restkit on Debian).

How to configure:

It is based on the Mantis/Bugzilla plugins, so it uses the same command and more or less the same configuration variables:

* urlbase: The base URL for the Redmine instance this plugin will retrieve bug informations from.

* apikey: Your Redmine API key. The Rest API must be enabled in Redmine in Administration -> Settings -> Authentication. You can then get your API Key on your account page ( /my/account ) when logged in, on the right-hand pane of the default layout.

* bugMsgFormat: Change the message format for bug details, following tokens will be replaced before being printed: _ID_, _URL_, _AUTHOR_, _CATEGORY_, _SUBJECT_, _STATUS_ . _CRLF_ will split the response in two (or more) lines.

* bugSnarfer: Determines whether the bug snarfer will be enabled, such that any bug ### seen in the channel will have its information reported into the channel. Channel Specific variable.

* bugSnarferTimeout: Users often say "RM XXX" several times in a row, in a channel. If "RM XXX" has been said in the last (this many) seconds, don't fetch its data again. If you change the value of this variable, you must reload this plugin for the change to take effect.

How to use:

Once the plugin is loaded and (at least) urlbase and apikey are set, you can display informations about a Redmine issue with the "bug #" command, where # is the issue number.
If you enable the bugSnarfer variable for a given channel, you won't need using the "bug" command anymore, just write "RM #", and the bot will automatically display informations about the issue.

Available on github:

IRC, Limnoria, Redmine, Supybot

DuckHunt, an IRC game as a supybot plugin

24/08/2012 à 08:07:13 - Aucun commentaire

A DuckHunt game for supybot. Shoot allllllllllllllllllllllllll the ducks!

How to play

* Use the "start" command to start a game.
* The bot will randomly launch ducks. Whenever a duck is launched, the first person to use the "bang" command wins a point.
* Using the "bang" command when there is no duck launched costs a point.
* If a player shoots all the ducks during a hunt, it's a perfect! This player gets extra bonus points.
* The best scores for a channel are recorded and can be displayed with the "listscores" command.
* The quickest and longest shoots are also recorded and can be displayed with the "listtimes" command.
* The "launched" command tells if there is currently a duck to shoot.

How to install
Just place the DuckHunt plugin in the plugins directory of your supybot installation and load the module.

How to configure
Several per-channel configuration variables are available (look at the "channel" command to learn more on how to configure per-channel configuration variables):
* autoRestart: Does a new hunt automatically start when the previous one is over?
* ducks: Number of ducks during a hunt?
* frequency: Determines how often a duck will be launched. 0 means that no duck will ever be launched. 1 means that a ducks will be launched one after another.
* minthrottle: The minimum amount of time before a new duck may be launched (in seconds)
* maxthrottle: The maximum amount of time before a new duck may be launched (in seconds)

Available on github:

IRC, supybot